We are an official MagnaPool dealer of both MagnaPool equipment and minerals. MagnaPool is the future of swimming pools with its patented hydroxinator that works in combination with magnesium and potassium mineral salts – giving you the healthiest, cleanest, environmentally friendly and most enjoyable water to swim in.
MagnaPool Dealer

Pool Pumps

It is important that you get the right size pool pump for your filter, too small and your water won’t get filtered properly, too big and you can damage your filter and have all sorts of problems arising from the wrong sized pump. Call us for the right advice and installation. We are the Onga dealer for our area plus we can supply any type of pump brand that you require. Once again call us for the right advice on 07 5536 6519.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

We stock a wide range of pool and spa chemicals for all your pool and spa water balancing needs.

Spare Parts

We have a great range of spare parts for pool cleaners, filters, pumps and chlorinators. We have a lot, but if there’s something you need that we don’t have, we can get

Pool Filters

As we are an independent pool store we can supply a vast range of Sand or Cartridge Filters to suit your requirements. Contact us for a quote. Brands include: Onga Pantera / Compu Pool / Davey
Pool Filters

Pool Lighting

We can repair or replace your old swimming pool lights. We now stock LED lights which features 8 colours and functions in one light.

Pool Cleaning Accessories

Whether you need a new telepole or some filter sox – we’ve got what you need.

Pool Heaters

There are three basic types of pool heating systems Solar – utilises the sun’s free heat Electric Heat Pumps – for swimming all year round Gas Pool heaters – heat the pool quickly when guests arrive for year round comfort.


Chlorinators The water volume of your pool dictates what size chlorinator you need. We stock a number of different brands and different sizes. Talk to us about your pool for the right advice on what size chlorinator required and what brand is best for your system.
Evolution Chlorinator Brochure

Pool Cleaners

We stock a range of pool cleaners (including Zodiac Barracuda, Kreepy Krawly, Onga Hammerhead, Great White and Pool Shark) to suit all types and styles of swimming pools.

Pool Safety Equipment

Pool alarms, CPR signs, Magna gate latches, floatation devices and animal scamper ramps are available.

Pool Covers

Pool covers cut evaporation by 97%, help keep out leaves & dirt and reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%. They will also extend your swimming season by two months. OR if you don’t like the look of a pool cover ask us about a “liquid” pool blanket which is a mixture of bio-degradable ingredients which are lighter than water and floats to the surface to form a thin layer across the whole pool surface.