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Spa Electrics is an Australian-owned company that has evolved into an industry leader in underwater lighting. The company is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and service excellence, with a team of in-house electronic engineers and product development professionals. Spa Electrics has established a strong reputation for cutting-edge technology and design. Over the past 40 years, the company has grown significantly, providing numerous employment opportunities and recently relocating to accommodate expansion. Spa Electrics attributes its success to strong family values and a vibrant culture built on passion, dedication, and mutual respect across all levels of the business.

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Australia experiences one of the world's highest skin cancer rates, with over 2,000 deaths annually and over two-thirds of Australians diagnosed in their lifetime. SunSmart, established in 1988, has contributed to stabilizing or reducing melanoma rates in Victorians under 60. Through partnerships, community programs, mass media campaigns, and advocacy, SunSmart supports Victorians in being SunSmart, reducing skin cancer rates and saving lives.

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Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions offers comprehensive services to streamline your business operations, while their skilled sales team ensures efficient onsite product delivery and expert guidance. The in-house Repairs and Service department, specializing in pool equipment maintenance, delivers professional servicing and advice, enabling your business to focus on clients and tasks.

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